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XSENSOR is the pressure imaging technology chosen by global leaders in automotive and medical design. REVEAL uses this same technology to serve the retail mattress industry, helping people sell more of the right mattresses to customers.

REVEAL helps mattress retailers improve operating income because the system
helps sales representatives increase the average sale, improve close rates
and returns are significantly reduced because the right mattress was
purchased in the first place.

In a world of fierce competition, both in-store and online, the REVEAL
system from XSENSOR gives retailers and manufacturers an advantage. People
trust technology and the right technology used at the right time in the
sales process can be the difference between a 30% increase in operating
income or going out of business.

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Customers visit the store looking for
a $600 mattress. Once I use the pressure
imaging technology and show them their
results, they understand why a $1200
mattress is a better investment. I can
take customers from “just browsing” to
close much faster because the technology
is a significant proof point I wouldn’t
otherwise have as a salesperson.
Sales Representative
National Mattress Retailer
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