Pressure imaging technology that helps mattress retailers improve operating income
REVEAL® by XSENSOR is being used by retailers, manufacturers and buyer groups to increase average sale and close rates, reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction.
Increase your
average sale
Customers don't know what they should spend when they enter a retail outlet. REVEAL creates proof about what to buy and what to spend.
Reduce your
product returns
Imagine a world where no one ever returned a mattress or was disappointed with their buying choice. REVEAL guarantees the right purchase.
Improve your
close rate
Sales people lose sales to “just browsing.” REVEAL augments the sales conversation and provides proof so customers don’t walk away.
Award-winning Pressure imaging Technology used by global brands

I’m a knowledgeable sales associate and the REVEAL system helps me go from good to great. I have really improved my close rates using this system.
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Sales Associate

There’s no question people respond to technology. Our sales team has more influence with customers when pressure imaging is used in the sales process.
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Sales Manager

You need to compete on more than price to increase profit in today’s market. Just competing on price and spending money advertising doesn’t cut it.
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Store Owner
Learn how REVEAL
can improve your business