A superior customer experience starts here with REVEAL.

The REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System is easy to use and gives new or expert sales staff the tools to sell your best mattresses.  Our advanced pressure mapping tailor-fits your customer to the right mattress giving them a consistent experience and the confidence to purchase.

REVEAL 3.0 Is Now Available!


REVEAL is Simple

Simple to use

Simply elegantly designed, and

Simply easier for your new or experienced staff to learn.

The REVEAL 3.0 software still gives you a consistent sales process that builds customer confidence but improves the shopping experience further with easier to understand results.

Retailers love the Advanced pressure mapping options now available to show how pillows and adjustable bases can reduce pressure points and increase comfort for individuals and for couples.

REVEAL benefits that give you a competitive edge.

Award Winning Technology
Used by Global Brands


Our average sale price on just mattresses is up 17%.  Our pillow business has more than a 500% increase and power bases sales are up 250%. Overall our system is a GREAT success, and our TV spot has been bringing people in asking to be mapped. 

David Bassett, Pilgrim Furniture CIty

The REVEAL system paid for itself twice in the first 2 weeks we used it. The first sale was $8900!

Phil Adams, Mattress and Furniture

Our lowest producing RSA became our best after we bought the [REVEAL] system and is now closing 14 out of 16 bedding ups. The consistent process has helped a great deal and improves trust between the RSA and customers.

Michael Grossman, Kensington Furniture

This system is doing everything you said it would do. Our average ticket is up $200 - $300 per sale; sales have doubled in 4 weeks and we spent the same on advertising; and our closing rates are way up.

Michael Grossman, Kensington Furniture

I’ve had customers come up to me and say: This is the best thing … thank you for getting it! The investment is nothing when you do it right, you make it back quickly.

Michael Grossman, Kensington Furniture

I was skeptical REVEAL would provide that much extra value to our sales process. I’ve been pleasantly surprised; our guests feel more confident in their selection, it’s dramatically reduced the time we need to comfort test.

After advertising the system for just a short time, we have guests specifically requesting the REVEAL test. In retrospect it was a great investment that was immediately embraced by our team and had an immediate positive impact on sales.

Paul Sherman, Sherman's Inc. 

Since adding REVEAL by XSENSOR, Bed DRS’ close rate went up about 15% to 20%.   We use XSENSOR extensively in our advertising, especially cable and social media video ads.  People can connect with the advertising because we are not selling price, we’re selling the experience.  Consumers have never seen a better way to pick out a mattress and this takes away their fear of making a mistake. Thank you XSENSOR!

Wes Harrington CEO, Bed DRS (a 5 -year client)

Having a challenge training and retaining mattress RSAs? REVEAL's simple and consistent process gets your newest staff selling with confidence in minutes.